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MOYSC- Sports View: The New Normal

The month of November has been deemed, “Sports Heritage Month” in the Bahamas- 30 days of celebration and reflection of the historical and present impact of athletes and sport in our country. Undoubtedly, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought sports in the Bahamas to a screeching halt and placed a considerable amount of uncertainty and apprehension on our nation’s sports leaders. However, the very essence of leadership is revealed during times of chaos and disruption; and the leaders of sports are no exception.

Under the theme of, “Sports View: The New Normal” The Ministry of Youth, Sports & Culture’s Division of Sports presents a series of compelling chats about the outlook of youth & adult sports in the Bahamas during the time of COVID-19.

From Tuesday, November 17th- Monday, November 30th, 2020 from 7pm-9pm via ZOOM, we will be hosting local and international Bahamian Sport Leaders to facilitate our discussion.

Join us  for 14 nights as the Bahamas sport leaders reveal their plans, receive input, and provide hope about the outlook of sports during these uncertain times of lock-downs, social distancing, quarantine, sanitizations, financial instability and feelings of loss of control, displacement, and emotional instability.

The objective of the event is for our country’s sports federation executives, amateur & professional athletes, and other community sport leaders to connect with athletes, coaches, and the greater sporting community through engaging conversations and knowledge sharing about the way forward of sports in the Bahamas.